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MotorHead Products®

Terms of Use

This web site provides general information regarding merchandise offered for sale by MotorHead Products® and as a convenience for the wholesale customers of MotorHead Products® in placing their orders. An Order to purchase merchandise placed using this site shall be honored and fulfilled under the same provisions, agreements, and credit terms that may exist between the Customer and MotorHead Products® as if the Order had been facilitated by other communication means such as written, FAX, or verbal.

Anyone wishing to purchase from this Web Site must first Contact MotorHead Products® and obtain a unique Log-In and Password.

Copyright and Trademark

This site is copyrighted by R & D Enterprises, Inc., dba MotorHead Products®: all rights reserved. The unauthorized use of text or images appearing on this web site is strictly prohibited.

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Privacy Policy

Except as required by law, or as needed for determining creditworthiness, or to facilitate the collection of lawful debts, it is not the policy of MotorHead Products® to share customer data gathered by us via this site without express permission.

For Further Information Contact:

Office of the CEO
R & D Enterprises, Inc.
dba MotorHead Products
P. O. Box 1338
Cullman, AL 35056